Friday, November 7, 2008

Logan Canyon

A few weeks ago Deb, Jordan, and I took a trip up Logan Canyon so I could take some Photograph's. Its been a while since my last photo adventure, it was super chilly but way fun. Here are a few pic's from the adventure.


Halloween was a blast! The roommates and I had a blast carving pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween night. We decided to be Vixen for Halloween. They are an all girls 80's rock band and since there are four of them and there are four of us. Not to mention that our favorite thing to do all together is play rock band it just seemed to fit. Kim had a blast doing our hair and ratting and hair spraying is so it would stay. If I do say so my self my hair looked amazing! I loved it! But man did it feel high! We got all ready and played a few rock band songs to get us in character and then we headed to the Howl. It was not a fun as I thought it would be, we danced a little but there were so many people and it was just way to crowded so we left. We went back to our apartment played around and watched The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Over all it was a pretty fun night. I think our look would give the real band Vixen a run for their money! Its probably a good thing that we don't have much musical talent in our apartment.