Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Announcing.....Baby Girl!

Andrew and I are happy to announce that baby girl will be joining our family in July! We had our ultrasound appointment a few weeks ago. For some reason I was super nervous a few days before we found out, but totally calm when we walked into the doctors office. Our little girl is quite camera shy, which she will have to get over. The Doctor had to shake my stomach quite a few times to get her to uncurl her legs so we could see what she was, but no matter how hard he tried little girl would not take her arms from over her head so we were not able to get a good profile shot. Just like her mom she is a late sleeper, and didn't like the fact we were trying to get her to move around at 9 in the morning. Doctor said she looked healthy and all her measurements were in the right range. However she is measuring tall, so surprise there, and also a little big so they moved my due date from July 31st to July 24th. We are super excited and already our little apartment is being over run with little pink things. So far my baby bump is still pretty small, I guess being tall provides a lot of room for baby to grow. I will have to post a picture once I actually "pop."