Friday, February 8, 2013

A little update and some exciting news!

It has been a while since I have posted so I guess it is time. I'll start back with Thanksgiving since that was about when I left off. We went down to Arizona for Thanksgiving with Andrew's family to visit his Aunt and Uncle that live there. It was so nice to be in warm weather and not have to worry about layers and layers of clothes to keep you warm. We drove down and split the drive up into two days so it wasn't too bad. While there we had fun spending time with family, enjoying the heat, well at least I did, and eating some delicious food. We went black friday shopping, but thanks to the stores opening Thursday evening instead of early friday we were out and home in less then 2 hours. It was nice. Andrew and I also took a little side trip to Canada over Thanksgiving weekend. My friend Deborah and her husband Matt got sealed in the Calgary Temple so we flew out from Phoenix to Calgary, stayed for about 30 hours, and then flew to Las Vegas where Andrew's family picked us up from the airport and we drove back to Logan so Andrew could be home for classes on Monday. It was a LONG day of travel but well worth the money we saved flying into vegas instead of SLC. Andrew finished up his second to last semester of his undergrad and then it was time for Christmas break. A much needed break for both of us. While I still had to work, and so did Andrew, it was nice to have our evenings together. Usually they consist of him doing homework and me watching TV. So it was nice to spend some time together. We had a great Christmas spent with lots of family, lots of food, and way too many presents. We had an unexpected gift to give to our family this year and I think all of them were surprised. We told our family that we are pregnant! Yup thats right! Baby Noorlander is on its way, Due July 31, 2013! We are so excited! Everything has been going well so far. I am 15 weeks along and thankfully during the first trimester I didn't really suffer from much morning sickness, just fatigue mostly which was treated with lots of couch time after work. We have our next ultra sound scheduled for March 15th, and we will find out the gender of the baby. We are both very excited and I often find my self occupied with baby stuff during my free time. I have been able to contain my baby excitement and haven't bought anything so far, just looking and getting ideas. I am afraid it will be much harder to keep my wallet closed once we know what gender it is. Luckily for us, being the youngest sibling will pay off nicely, we are getting a lot of hand me down items from my siblings and other people we know, which should help in the financial department. Another new addition to our little family is our "new" car. By "new" I mean new to us. My mom recently purchased a new car and since mine was having some trouble she gave us her old one. See, being the youngest has its benefits! Andrew is currently in the middle of his last semester of his undergrad in Landscape Architecture, he will graduate this coming May. He also got some exciting news that he has been accepted into the Masters of Business Administration program at Utah State! He will start that in May also and continue on to the fall and spring semesters. He got into the one year program so we will be in Logan for at least the next year and a half. Then who knows where life will take us. Well that is it for now. I will try to keep things updated a little better now.
Yeah for baby!