Monday, March 23, 2009

My 21st Birthday!

Well the time has finally come! That time being that I am finally a legal adult... as Alli so lovingly told me on my Birthday, " hey Taisa you are 21 now, you can go to a federal prison!" :) The day started out by me pretending to be asleep while I listened to Deb run around frantically trying to decorate the Apt. Every time she or Jordan would walk by my bedroom door I would close my eyes and pretend to be dead asleep. I have proven to be a pretty good actress because neither of them had any idea that I was awake! Eventually I made it known that I was awake and Jordan wished me Happy Birthday on her way out the door to class. Deb also went to class while I stayed in bed and played on Debs laptop. To my surprise Deb came home early from class and made me breakfast! It was so delicious! After breakfast I started to get ready and Alli surprised me by showing up to spend the day with me! I have amazing friends! Once I was ready Deb and I took Alli around Campus and went to the store. After that we came home and had lunch and played an exciting game of clue! Alli become the master detective and won the game! While we waited for everyone else to get out of class so Deborah could put her secret birthday party bash into action we watched a movie. Once everyone showed up they took me to dinner at Firehouse Pizza, A local place here in Logan. It was delicious and we had a ton of fun! It was so fun to have everyone there! Kim even came back up for the night to join in the festivities. After dinner they took me bowling! If you know me at all I LOVE bowling and we had a terrific time! Alli had what was probably the best game of her life and beat Me, Deb, Jordan, Kim and Brenda! After bowling we went back to the apt. and had cake and dipped strawberries, kiwi, banana's, and marshmallows in chocolate! It was so good! Deb also made virgin Pina Colada's! They were also way good! After that I opened my presents! I got a ipod speaker system from Deb, along with the 1st season box set of Gilmore Girls! I got an Aggie T-shirt and a two pairs of long socks from Jordan, from Alli I got P.S I love you, a target gift card, some scrapbook stickers, and a card that plays "girls just wanna have fun!" After that we just hung out and talked! It was a fantastic 21st Birthday and I can't Imagine it being any better! Thanks guys for everything you did for me! You are AMAZING!!