Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living Planet Aquarium

At the beginning of this month I started an internship at The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. So far it has been pretty slow in regards to getting everything we need ordered in and set up so we can start the green screen photo booth, but in the mean time I have been in charge of taking pictures of all the Animals at the Aquarium which has been pretty fun. So far my favorite animals to take pics of are the Jelly fish and the Blue Poison dart frogs. I've also been behind the scenes watching them feed the Octopus,standing over the shark tank, and playing with the Sting Rays. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to go into the penguin tank! Its been fun so far and I'm learning a lot. The cockroaches, spiders, and snakes still creep me out a little bit but that didn't stop me from holding the Green Anaconda, Peaches, she is 10' 7" long and weighs over 57 pound of pure muscle. It was pretty gross I'm not going to lie but it was a neat experience. Honestly, who can say that they have held an Anaconda!

Me holding the anaconda! she is so long at least three people have to hold her at once.

One of the Gentoo Penguins, They are the fastest species of penguins, the third largest species, can hold their breath for 7 minutes, and dive up to 700 hundred feet!

The Jelly Fish! They are so Awesome! I could take pictures of them all day!

Mike and Brenda's Engagements!

Mike and Brenda are are two of the greatest people I know! I am so lucky to have them as friends. They are the cutest couple in the world and in my opinion quite perfect for each other. I'm going to go a head and say "way to go Taisa and Deborah for setting these two amazing people up!" Enjoy the pics!