Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Will Be Missed!

It is amazing how things can go from being wonderful, to being the worst they could possibly be in so short amount of time. After a 14 Month battle with multiple myeloma Randy Noorlander left this earth to return to our Father in Heaven on February 14, 2011. Andrew, my self and his siblings found out about two and a half weeks ago that their Dad's cancer had returned with full force and was quickly taking over his body, there was nothing left to do but wait out our remaining time with him at home and pray that he wasn't in too much pain. So we decided to take the time off of school and be with the family. It was hard to watch Randy suffer as the cancer took over his body, it was hard to watch Lori and her kids in pain and in their own way suffer and try to deal with the fact that in a matter of days their beloved husband and father would no longer be with them. As we spent time with the family we had many opportunities to reflect on good memories, and things that they have been taught about their Dad. I took the chance to reflect on some things that Randy had taught me even though I had only known him for a little over a year. First and foremost he taught me about enduring what ever may be handed to you, he taught me patience, optimism, love, gratitude, and serving others. Randy always made me feel welcome when I came to the Noorlander home and I always felt included in their family activities. I always felt that he genuinely cared about how I was doing and what was going on in my life. He made me feel apart of their family before I actually even was one. I will greatly miss Randy, I will miss listening to his stories, tease his children, and miss his warm and giving heart. I am grateful for the short time in which i had to get to know him and even more grateful that he was able to attend our wedding, that is a blessing I will always treasure. I know he is already hard at work on the other side, and hopefully he is teaching my children how to behave. We will always love and miss you Dad. Thanks for everything you have taught us, done for us and the love you have given us.