Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh How Time Flies!

There are days when I think to my self there is no way it has been a year since we got married and there are other times I think it has been way longer than that. Even still it is a new adventure everyday. For our anniversary we decided to take a little "staycation" if you will and partied it up in downtown SLC. We were down that way for the holidays and decided that it would be fun to rent a hotel and hang out for a few days with just the two of us. We rented a room at the Radisson in downtown SLC which was pretty nice despite the surprise renovations we were not informed of upon booking the room. Besides a little dust in the lobby and the pounding of workers that woke us up every morning it was a lot of fun. Andrew was extreamly excited that the hotel had an indoor pool so we made sure to pack our swimsuits. Much to his dismay I am sure, I would not step foot in the pool because it was far too cold for me, but rather spent my time in the nice warm hot tub. The day of our anniversary 12.28.11 we did a little shopping at the gateway went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill and walked around Temple Square. We also went on a carriage ride around the city which is something I have always wanted to do and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was not bothered one bit by the cold until we got off the ride and had to walk back to our hotel then all the fun was gone and I was able to focus on the reality of how cold it was. Once back to the hotel we broke out the top layer of our cake that my mom had saved for us after our reception. She did an excellent job of wrapping it up and freezing it. Despite all the negative things I have heard about saving your cake top for the one year anniversary it actually tasted pretty good. I'm sure it would have been better had we eaten it right away but I am glad we saved it. Over all it was a great little get away and it was fun to spend time together before the semester started up again.
Us on our wedding day!
One Year Later...almost to the hour.

Walking around Temple Square to see the lights

The carriage ride

The cake- the black frosting bled a little and turned green but other then that I think it still looked and tasted pretty good.