Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time Flies!

One minute i'm sitting in an apartment full of girls talking about boys and playing games and the next I'm living in a little one bedroom apartment with Andrew, cooking chicken enchiladas while my washing machine floods the kitchen. Sounds crazy right... well that is exactly what these last few months have been... I finished up fall semester and did surprisingly well considering I was going to school full time, planning a wedding, and working. I was happy to see the semester finally be over and walking out of my last critique was a great feeling! It took a little of the stress off my shoulders and I had time to relax... for about a day. Then I moved home, well I shouldn't say moved because I didn't, I went home for christmas break and continued with the wedding plans and trying to move into our new place. After many many busy days with lots to do December 21st finally came. That is the day I recieved my endowment. I received it in the Draper temple and what a wonderful experience it was. Alyssa was my escort because Kathryn also took her endowments out the same day, same session! It was so cool to be there with my older sisters and my mom waiting in the brides room before we headed up to be with the rest of the family. I am so grateful to everyone who came and supported me. I have the best family ever and would be no where with out them. Next we move on to Christmas. Talk about a crazy day... back and forth from Kaysville, visiting this family and that family and trying to spend as much time with everyone as possible. It was a lot of driving but a ton of fun! Next comes the big day! December 28th was a wonderful day! Clear beautiful skies, chilly but over all I couldn't have asked for better weather in December. The sealing was incredible and I was so over whelmed to have all of my family and a few of my closest friends there with us. I couldn't look anywhere but straight at the sealer because every time I did I found someone who was crying which would make me start crying and I really didn't want to do that. The luncheon was wonderful and we had tons of fun and got some great advice from everyone we love. The reception was over before I knew it, although my feet certainly felt the 3 hours of standing there. Now We have been married for over a month and are loving our cute little apartment, despite the floods and the broken dishwasher. But hey life could be worse.