Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We found an apartment!

Finally! We found an apartment! It is a cute little one bedroom towards the south end of logan. They are remodeling it so it has brand new kitchen cupboards, tile, and paint! It couldnt be more perfect for our budget and what we need. This is a major blessing! Andrew has also sold his contract which is a huge help, I am still working and praying that mine gets sold. Hopefully it will all work out. School is winding down and finals are getting closer. I can't belive how fast this semester has gone. It is crazy! As for the time being I am at work stuck in a blizzard with no customers what so ever. Why the store is sitll open no body knows but I guess if the boss wants to pay me to sit here that is his decision. Well That is about it I just thought I would share our good news! Pictures will come when we can actually move in, which should be in a few weeks! Yay!