Monday, June 10, 2013

A little update

With the whirl wind of events that have happend in the last few months, it feels like life is beginning to slow down a little, at least for me. We got Andrew graduated and our old apartment packed up. We moved into our new apartment in American Fork the second week of May and so far it has been pretty good. Andrew loves his new job and is really enjoying the projects he is working on. It took me about a week and two days to get everything unpacked which isn't too bad considering the whole being pregnant thing. Our new apartment is slowly starting to feel like home. Even though all of our stuff is here it is still weird sometimes to wake up in a new place. I guess once you have lived in the same apartment for two years you get used to it, I know in due time our new apartment will feel like home too. I spent the first few weeks we lived here driving back and forth from West Jordan to American Fork. I had lots of play dates with my sisters, it is so great to just be able to drive up for a few hours and then be able to come home. It is so nice to have family near by, and close enough to go visit at the drop of a hat. We no longer have to plan weekends to come down and visit. Now that the apartment is unpacked and we are pretty much settled I have once again turned my attention to preparing for the baby. I have had two visits with my new doctor at the University hospital, I like her well enough, but am grateful that I was able to go through most of my pregnancy with my Doctor in Logan. I am working on a few projects in preparation for the baby to come. One of them being her crib quilt and the other being her car seat canopy. I am also trying to figure out what other cute crafts and decorations I want to hang on her walls. We still need to put the crib together but other then the decorations and the crib we are pretty much ready for her. We still have 7 weeks to go, which I know will come fast so I am trying to soak up as much "quite time" as I can. Relaxing with my feet up and doing some baking. Things I know will be a little harder once baby comes home. My friends threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago and I, or should I say Baby got some adorable gifts and some much needed things as well. I have one more shower coming up and then we can finish purchasing all the things we still need for baby girl. No, she does not have a name yet. I have found that choosing a name is much harder then I originally thought it would be. I had lots of names I liked before we found out she was a girl, but for some reason I can't commit to any of them. Hopefully she will have a name before we leave the hospital. Last week we had another ultrasound and baby is healthy and strong...and big. She is measuring 3 weeks off from my original due date, mostly due to her length and they estimate her to weigh 6 pounds already. My doctor doesn't want to move my due date up so both she and I are hoping that I deliver around 37 weeks. Which puts us at more like 4.5 weeks. But baby girl will come when she wants to come and I am trying to be patient, which become especially hard when she starts to treat my insides like her own personal bounce house, and my ribs her personal punching bag. I know all this movement is a good thing, but I look forward to being able to breath normally again. Like I said before it has been nice to be close to family. We have done some fun things with them like go car shopping with Andrew's mom, I was able to go to the Taylor Swift concert with Andrews sisters, and we were able to spend a weekend in East Canyon with my family. We are adjusting to our new ward as well. It is a weird transition, at least for me to go from a Married Student Ward where we had 50 couples in our ward and very few kids to a full on family ward with all ages from newborn to grandparents. Relief Society is so different not sitting up in the front, being responsible for all the sisters and attending multiple meetings every sunday. That alone has taken some adjusting. We don't have callings in our new ward yet, but I am sure we will get some soon enough. Our neighbors have been very friendly and we have met quite a few of them. We had a complex BBQ on Saturday with a bunch of them and then on Sunday a few couples that couldn't attend the BBQ invited us over for dinner. I am grateful we have nice friendly neighbors, it will make the transition from Logan to American Fork a little easier on me. Well I guess that is all for now, here are a few pictures from our recent events.

Andrew's Graduation!

Moving Day

Old Apartment

New Apartment

Taylor Swift Concert

East Canyon Resort

Yes, I did sit in the kiddie pool. The big pool was a little chilly so I stayed in there as long as I could, and since I couldn't get in the hot tub, the 2 foot kiddie pool became my personal "hot tub" It was much warmer and a little more relaxing then the big pool.

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Chelsee said...

you relief society president?!! Enjoy your next few weeks before baby girl comes. Sleep lots and enjoy the time with your hubby. Having a baby is super awesome but super busy as well!!