Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Addy Update

It's amazing to me how fast time has gone! Addy is almost four months old and it just blows my mind. The past couple of months have been great, we both learn something every day, even though I feel like all I am learning is patience I guess that is a good thing. Addy and I have a schedule down for the most part which is nice because it makes our days more predictable. It also makes it easier to read her signals, and we both stay happier during the day. She is still a skinny tall thing but starting to bulk up a little, she has almost out grown her 3 month clothes and her six months clothes are kind of big on her but that is okay, she will grow into them eventually. She is also starting to get more interested in toys and books. She will sit in her high chair for about 15 minutes and try to grab her toys and if she does manage to get a grip on one of them, in true baby fashion it goes straight to her mouth... everything goes straight to her mouth... My hair, my sleeves, Andrews hands, her hands, her toys, her burp cloths, anything she can get her cute little hands on ends up in her mouth. She has also discovered her thumb! I know most people warn against thumb sucking, and I realize it has its pros and cons but right now I am enjoying the pros. She is much better about putting herself to sleep for naps and bed time. She will suck on her thumb if she starts to get ornery and she is much MUCH happier laying on the ground or hanging out in her swing. She will usually give me about 15 minutes on most occasions if she is in a good mood before she starts to cry, which is a HUGE improvement from about a month ago when it was .25 seconds before she would start to cry. It is amazing how much you can get done in 15 minutes when you have two hands to do it! She is also starting to talk and coo a lot more. She has the biggest smiles and is laughing occasionally, which I swear is the cutest thing ever! She is also a tech junkie. Anytime I pull my phone out her eyes lock right on it. She stares at the TV and occasionally will jabber at it. I try my best to keep her attention on other things but I will admit to finding a Baby Einstein show on youtube and letting her stare at it while I load the dishwasher really fast. Like I mentioned earlier she is also loving books, we read a few stories before nap time everyday and she always scans the pages and kicks her feet and smiles every time I turn the page. I think she will be getting quite a few books for Christmas, just so we can mix things up a bit. She has also been sleeping like a champ! I seriously doubted whether or not she would ever learn to sleep at night. At 2 months she was still waking up every 2.5-3 hours a night, sometimes staying wide awake for 2-3 hours. I had almost come to terms that I would be a sleep deprived zombie until I died but then one night she just decided to sleep for 5 hours straight, that 5 hours has turned into roughly 10 hours and words can not describe how wonderful it is. She usually goes down for the night between 8-8:30 and will sleep till 6:30 or 7. I try to get a few chores done after she goes down, get my self ready for bed, or in this case catch up on the blog. The one big event in the last two months was Addy's blessing. We blessed her on September 29th and had a great turn out of friends and family who came to support her. Andrew blessed her in our ward in American Fork and then we had lunch afterwards at our apartment. It was a great day and Andrew gave her a wonderful blessing. It was so nice to be able to share that day with our family and friends. Addy's first halloween was also fun. We dressed her up as a little lady bug. I just found a sleeper at target and called it good. I was having a hard time finding a costume that would fit her since she is in between sizes right now but the sleeper worked great and she looked super cute. We were able to participate in my families halloween tradition of having soup and scones at my moms house then all the grandkids go trick or treating. Addy did not trick or treat this year but I am looking forward to taking her next year, and reaping the benefits! Other happenings in our family include Andrew doing lots and lots of homework, occasionally after Addy goes to sleep we will watch a TV show together but he doesn't have much free time. Masters programs have lots of homework so he stays pretty busy when he gets home from work. I got called to be the Primary Secretary so that has been taking up a little of my free time, mostly I am just trying to figure out what I need to do, there are lots of little things that this calling requires but it is great and Addy loves to hang out in primary. She will even coo along with the kids when they sing, except for when they sing "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam." She is nervous wreck during that song. The "sunbeam" part makes her jump every time. Well that is about it for now. Enjoy the pics of the adorable Addy!
Four Generations
Our friends who came to support us
Our cute little family
I love that smile!
So big sitting up in her high chair eating her toys
Cutest lady bug in town!


The Gillen's said...

So cute! I prefer thumb sucking to a binki in my opinion. She is growing so fast!

Brenda said...

Addy is getting so big! I love the pictures she's so cute